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19th Sep, 2009

Avast ye maties! Aye, it be Internation Talk Like A Pirate day. Arrg!
Even though they're a bit expensive, I think I'm going to treat myself to the lovely purple shoes. I need new heels for the jc party anyway.
I'm a weak kneed, giggling, grinning fool. Who needs a boyfriend/girlfriend when I can just lust after David Tennant? being single rocks!

2nd Aug, 2009

Last show was tonight, it went brilliently, sad it's over though. After I went to see Drew DeFour in the Sky. I'm completely in love with him now, he was amazing! HE'S SO FUCKING TALL. Now I'm in bed watching Muppet Treasure Island and reading A Picture of Dorian Grey. They have more in common then most would think, they're both completely epic but in very different ways. =)

20th Jul, 2009

Everywhere the spies are printing out our dreams.
I hope Daniel doesn't come home from Scouting on fire.

9th Jul, 2009

I want to scream and smash things and generally throw a fit. But I can't, coz I'm a good girl. FUCK!

7th Jul, 2009

We. We. We. We are. We are. We are. We are coming. We are coming. We are coming. Back. Did anyone else see Torchwood?

1st Jul, 2009

I am no longer covered in paint. I do, however, have some rather cool paintings to show for my afternoon of maddness. Well, quite cool...kinda cool. Vaguely cool...

1st Jul, 2009

I'm waiting impaitently for the next update of Sick For The Cure. I must read more addictively depressing, heartwrenching fanfic right now or who knows what I'll do.